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The Bourner Identity

October 27th, 2010 by

Ah the world of bad idea tattoos, it keeps growing day by day just as sure as the world keeps right on spinning.  It’s odd how many people out there who don’t really seem to have any problem getting a really stupid or bad tattoo as a lark or just to try and win some stupid contest.  Yet if these people didn’t exist, I guess I wouldn’t have them to write about during times such as these.

This latest entry into the bad tattoo hall of fame also comes with a pretty decent sized chunk of bad luck.  That’s too bad, but somehow I think that bad luck and bad tattoos just go hand in hand and so in that way it’s all quite fitting.  Anyway, while on vacation on the Canary Islands, 24-year-old Leicester, England resident James Bourner found out about a contest being held by  Flicks Bar in Fuerteventura.  The contest was for an “unusual and fun” photo competition.  The flight back home to England must have given Bourner some time to hatch his brilliant plan and so, upon arriving back in England he set a plan in motion to get the logo for Flicks Bar tattooed on his ass.  It took some time to get everything going, but eventually Bourner got his tattoo.

‘The tattoo was not supposed to be as big as it is. I had a problem reducing the image, and in the end had to go ahead with this one that covers my entire bum cheek.’

That was far from the biggest problem that Bourner would encounter on that day, however.  He finished receiving the tattoo a mere two hours before the deadline, rushed home and began trying to upload the photo to the bar’s website.  Wouldn’t you know it, his computer was going really slow.  Damn computers.  By the time Bourner got the photo uploaded, he had missed the contest deadline by ten minutes.  Now he has a giant tattoo of a bar no one has heard of on his ass for the rest of his life.

Dude, next time just get a tattoo artist to draw it on with some pens and markers.  That way you can get rid of it afterwards.  Just a suggestion.

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