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The Jersey That Will Never Come Off

October 13th, 2010 by

I don’t understand sports fans.  What’s up sports fans?  What is it about sports that makes you proud about doing nutty, crazy, pointless things?  All right, you’re not all into doing nutty, crazy, pointless things.  Fair enough.  But for those of you sports fans out there who are into doing nutty, crazy, pointless things, all for the love of your favourite team or player, I must repeat my initial question: what’s up sports fans??

A year ago I wrote about 25-year-old Kirk Bradley, a soccer fan with a tattoo that ended up wrongly predicting the winner of the 2011 Champions League.  That whole thing seemed pretty mental at the time, but now yet another soccer fan has gone and seriously one upped Kirk Bradley’s tattoo insanity.

Colombian Felipe Alvarez has created what I guess some would call the ultimate tribute to his idol, Andres Escobar.  Escobar was a defender for the Colombia international football team and was assassinated in 1994, after accidentally scoring on his own goal during a match against the USA at the World Cup.  To commerate Escobar’s name and legacy, Felipe Alvarez has had Escobar’s jersey tattooed on to his body.  Front and back.  Yes, I’m serious.

In all honesty, I don’t really have a problem with Alvarez getting this tattoo done.  After reading some of the comments beneath this article, it’s plain to see that a lot of people think Alvarez is a total moron for doing what he’s done.  I don’t know, I guess if it makes him happy, then so be it.  My real complaint about this is that it just doesn’t look right to me.  I mean, it doesn’t really look like a jersey, except for the back part.  No slight against the tattoo artists who did it – it’s just one of those things that just doesn’t come off looking realistic to me.  Maybe if they would have filled in the rest of his flesh with white, but that’s not all that practical of a procedure.  Then again, getting a jersey tattooed on to your body isn’t really all that practical, either.

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