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Working Out? Cover Up.

October 11th, 2010 by

Ah, Japan.  I know that I’ve written numerous times about Japan on this blog and I realise that I always end up apologising for my continuous disdain for Japanese society’s general conception of tattoos and the tattooed.  Yet once again I find myself back in this spot, ready to give Japan a cyber-tongue lashing/beatdown.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m picking on Japan and it’s not like there aren’t many people in Japan who have progressive and realistic views of tattoo culture.  Some of these tattoo positive Japanese citizens happen to be friends of mine, so yeah, I’m aware that not everyone in Japan has a negative view of tattoos.  I guess it’s exactly because I know Japanese people who are tattooed and who tattoo that I get even more irked at the small-mindedness that exists there.  The fact that people have to put up with the crap that they do in Japan makes all the tattoo stereotypes that exist over here in North America and in many other parts of the world seem kind of trivial in retrospect.

The most recent addition to the plight of the tattooed in Japan comes oddly enough, from an incident involving someone who isn’t Japanese.  Kelly Osbourne.  If you actually bother to pay any attention to what’s been going on with Kelly Osbourne recently, you’d know that she’s in the process of getting many of her tattoos removed because she no longer likes them and I guess they just don’t suit her new image.  Well after this weekend, I’m sure she’s more resolved than ever to get rid of those pesky tattoos.

Osbourne was in Japan over the weekend and went to work out at a local Tokyo health club.  Upon arriving at the gym she was promptly told that she would not be allowed in to work out if she didn’t cover up her tattoos with flesh coloured tape.

‘Kelly has inkings all over her body, including on her feet, arms and back, and was told they couldn’t be on display when she went for a workout.

“just went to the gym where i was told i was not allowed in unless i coverd my tattoos with flesh colored tape it was sooooo weird (sic)!”‘

No word if Osbourne actually complied with the request, but the simple fact that she was asked to cover up her tattoos while working out is more than a little idiotic.  Oh Japan, will you ever change your views on tattoos?  I sure hope so.

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