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Meet Steve Herring!

November 14th, 2010 by

There are so many amazing and talented tattoo artists working out there that it’s never a problem finding one whose work I want to profile.  At the same time however, given the tremendous amount of artists whose work I want to highlight on Tattoo Blog, it’s often all too easy to stick to the same thing and not venture out toward examining different types of tattoo art.  No disrespect intended to all the tattooists whose work I’ve previously profiled – it’s all absolutely first rate stuff – but tattooing is so diverse and there are so many methods by which one can choose to tattoo as well as so many styles to be influenced by, that to not attempt to focus on everything out there is a bit of a cop out on my part.  So for that dear readers and tattooists alike, I apologize.

polynesian 15

Which is why today I want to focus on someone doing something a little different.  Steve Herring is a London, England based tattooist whose main focus happens to be indigenous tribal art.  It might seem a little strange, an artist located in a thriving urban metropolis such as London replicating work from cultures as diverse as Polynesia, Maori, North American First Nation or Dayak.  But in the 20 years and counting that Herring has been tattooing for, much of his time has been spent abroad learning and being inspired by the people and places he channels through his work.

Beyond the indigenous tribal art, Herring also likes to work in all different sorts of tattoo styles.  However, if I may be so bold to say, it’s his tribal art that really stands out.  If you’re in London and you’re interested in what Steve Herring can do, then you can contact him 24 hours a day at 07956.967.537 or by email at  Beyond that, if you’re simply interesting in keeping up with Steve and his work, you can follow him on his Facebook page I Hate Tattoos (though just between you and me, I suspect that Steve doesn’t actually hate tattoos.  He’s just being cheeky. Ha.)  Check him out!

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