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November 12th, 2010 by

If I had a dollar for each time that I saw some story about someone getting a stupid tattoo for all the wrong reasons, I think that I could retire right now and move away to a tropical island and live off fresh seafood and bananas and beer.  Damn, that sounds nice…

Anyway, where was I…oh yeah, stupid tattoos for all the wrong reasons.  Well, just incase you aren’t tired of yet another story about some dude who went out and got a tattoo on his ass, here’s another one for you: Dustin Thut of Duncan, British Columbia wanted a pay raise at his job.  When he went to his boss, Mike Morgan and asked for one, Morgan told Thut that he’d only get one if he tattooed Morgan’s face on his ass.  Apparently Thut really needed that raise because he soon was on his way to the local tattoo shop – Bully Boy Tattoos, to get some ink done.  When Thut returned to work the next day and showed off his tattoo to his boss, the raise was delivered as promised.  Despite earning an extra two dollars an hour however, Thut was quickly laid off from his job.  What that left him with was a tattoo of his ex-boss on his ass and no job.

The stupid tattoo caught the attention of TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres though, after Thut had sent in a photo of his tattoo and his story.  Ellen featured the story on her show and called the entire incident “the most ridiculous thing I have ever, ever seen in my entire life.”

Sure, getting a tattoo of your boss on your ass for a $2 raise isn’t a very bright thing to do, but what kind of douche-sack tells his employee to get a tattoo of him on his ass if he seriously wants a raise?  How about just saying no?  And furthermore, what kind of person lays off their employee shortly after giving them a raise for getting the ass tattoo?  Pretty dickish move, if you ask me.  Then again, if you ask me, this whole thing is out-of-control dumb.  I don’t understand people.  Can I go to my tropical island now?

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