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November 25th, 2010 by

Like most people who enjoy and appreciate tattoos, there aren’t too many places on the body that I’m not really interested in seeing some ink.  Okay, the inside of the lip and pretty much anywhere on the face don’t have much aesthetic value, as far as I’m concerned – but hey, that’s just my opinion.  I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who love and value a good inner lip or facial tattoo.  Whatever turns your crank.

If you ask me, one of the nicest spots for a tattoo is along the ribs.  We’ve all seen this tattoo done to varying degrees of success many times before and although I think it’s a great place for a tattoo, it has always somewhat frightened me.  Okay, sure…I probably sound like a bit of a pussy right now, but hey man, the ribs have got to hurt more than most other places on your body.  In fact any tattooist in his or her right mind – if they’re being honest with you – will unanimously agree that getting tattooed along your ribs is quite a painful place to be tattooed.  Not only that, but the skills of the artist have to be pretty decent to make things come out just right.

So, I was pretty surprised to come across this article advocating not just rib cage tattoos, but rib cage tattoos for women because they’re pretty.  I’ve got to agree, the tattoos (well most of them, anyway) that are photographed and included with the article are indeed very nicely done and they work very well along the lines of the women’s bodies, but damn – you really don’t see more hardcore forms of tattoos like those along the rib cage explained and encourage.  Hey, I’m all for it, but it’s still surprising to me.  The article also goes on to provide some good tips to people who are considering getting tattooed along the ribs.

‘Aside from aesthetics it is also useful to think of some other factors that can influence your decision. First since this area is a highly visible one you should consider what are the chances of getting bored with the design. If you are easily bored and like variety yet you are really eager to get a tattoo perhaps a less visible area would be a better choice. Although not a general rule, a tattoo that evokes strong feelings is one of the best choices for the area as it increases the chances of being satisfied with your choice over the long term.’

I remember when the popular choice for a girl’s tattoo was the ankle.  My tattooed female friends were proud of themselves for getting something small like that done.  As time goes on, things just get bigger and better and some people want to jump headlong into the hardcore stuff.  Great to see, but if I can add a couple words of advice, all I have to say is to always make sure your artist is up to snuff.  Do your homework and then grin and bear it.  Good luck.

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