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November 22nd, 2010 by

A few hours from the time that I write this, the female tattoo phenomenon who needs no introduction – Kat Von D – will be signing copies of her latest “book” a few blocks away from my apartment.  I’m not going for a couple of reasons, partly because I’m not willing to shell out any cash to buy Miss Von D’s “book”, but mostly because it is damn cold in Vancouver right now and I’m not about to stand in line, freezing my balls off so that Kat Von D can scribble her name in a “book” that I’ve already mentioned having no desire to buy.  In fact, given the amount of overwhelming publicity that Kat receives as a result of her terrible reality TV series LA Ink, I didn’t think it would be necessary at all to comment about her visit to my city.

Still, despite my snotty tone regarding KVD, I am after all, a compassionate person.  So when I heard that last night Kat’s LA home burned down and that her cat Valentine was killed in the blaze, I couldn’t help feel a twinge or two of sympathy.  It would certainly suck to be off working only to find out that your home burned down and your pet died as a result.  Very depressing.

Kat tweeted a message about the incident and posted a photo of herself in what remains of her home, wearing a hoodie and looking nothing short of miserably depressed.

‘R.I.P. My little Valentine,’ the tattoo artist tweeted, along with a picture of the hairless pet, thought to have died in the blaze.

My house burned down last night with my cat inside,’ Von D added.’

Kat’s first hairless cat Ludwig died after it was attacked by some sort of wild animal prowling around her yard.  A crappy deal all around for Kat, but at least she seems to always maintain a positive outlook on things.  That and her numerous legions of fans who will pay for her “book” and line up in the freezing cold tonight and many other nights throughout her tour, should no doubt help to put a smile on her face.

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