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It’s Never Too Late…

December 2nd, 2010 by

Few things can help mark the beginning of a new life than a tattoo.  I have always believed and continue to believe that you are never too old and it’s never too late for any sort of change in your life.  I’ve also always believed and continue to believe that whatever it is you do for a living during your life, the most important thing is not how much money you make, but that you’re happy doing it.  Chasing after the things that compel you or the dreams that you have is not a cliché.  No way, it’s the only way to live.

Although I don’t know her personally, I have a strong feeling that 36-year-old Goh Ee Koon knows a thing or two about following your dreams, and how it’s never too late for a major change in career.  Goh worked for nine years in the publishing industry in Malaysia before one day calling it quits.  She packed up her gear and set off for America, where she met her future husband (and tattooist), Randy Phelps.  While in the US, Goh’s interest in tattoo grew, especially once she landed a job at Phelps’ Augusta, Georgia based tattoo studio: Ink Tattoo.

‘“I learnt everything from the bottom up, including a year of apprenticeship mopping floors and answering phone calls, to studying and drawing tattoo art, and learning the proper, sterile methods for tattoo set-ups,” Goh said.

“I also learnt about practising aseptic techniques — a set of specific practices and procedures that are performed under sterile conditions while ensuring I complied with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards on health and safety assurance.”’

Now back in Malaysia, Goh has recently opened her very own tattoo studio, Kuala Lumpur’s US Skin Grafx with her husband Randy.  Together they are set to take on the Malaysian world of tattoo and I couldn’t wish them more success with their venture.  It’s very inspiring to see someone like Goh who knew what she wanted and went out and got it.  As for US Skin Grafx, Kuala Lumpur happens to be one of my favourite cities on the planet and the next time that I’m there, I’ll definitely be popping in to check out the shop.  Until then, the best of luck to Goh and Randy!

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