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December 7th, 2010 by

Yesterday I acknowledge the quickly approaching arrival of Christmas.  I also put out word on a nifty calendar for that tattoo/woman lover that may be on your Christmas gift list.  Well, today I thought that I might as well continue with my Christmas gift recommendations, but this time maybe recommend something that could be bought for that special lady or ladies who are into tattoo.

Okay, well maybe this gift doesn’t have so much to do with tattoo, but it does have something to do with the widely admired first lady of tattoo, Kat Von D.  When she isn’t promoting her books or tattooing or running some kind of music festival or appearing on television or selling her own custom designed line of food processors (okay, I made that last one up),  The D also has a pretty lucrative cosmetics deal going with cosmetic super stars Sephora.  The most recent addition to the Kat Von D line at Sephora is what is known as the Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Palette, which basically gives any willing girl the goods to pull off the whole Kat Von D look, or whatever other look they might be going for.

‘This set contains:
– 1 pair False Eyelashes
– 12 x 0.02 oz Eyeshadows in Tijuana, Taxidermy, Hollywood, Peanut, Redemption, Solitude, Heartkiller, Baudelaire, Monastary, Poe Blue, Nite Owl, Lemmy
– 3 x 0.01 oz High Voltage Primers in Skin, Stellar, Smoky
– 2 x 0.17 oz Double-Ended Saint/Sinner Rollerball’

I don’t really understand why this set is called the “Tattoo Chronicles Palette” when it has nothing to do with tattooing other than the fact that its namesake is a world famous tattoo artist.  Then again, I guess that’s enough right there.  More likely than not, if you know someone who this would be a perfect gift for, they won’t be worried about the name or asking what it’s all got to do with tattooing.  They’ll just be pumped to have a small piece of Kat Von D’s style at their fingertips.

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