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December 6th, 2010 by

With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s definitely time to start picking up some gifts for friends and family.  Since you’re reading this, I would assume that you like tattoos and that most likely you know people who also like tattoos.  I know, I know, how do I figure these things out, right?  Well, let’s just call it intuition.

Anyway, if you’re shopping this year for a fan of tattoos and women, then what’s better than tattooed women?  Not much, I’d say.  Which is why I would recommend picking up a new calendar put out by the Montreal, Canada based Tail 514.  In the words of its creators, the Tail 514 calendar can best be summed as follows:

‘This calendar was born from the heinous pow-wows of Danny Girl and Jenn Elliott. Joining forces the ladies formed a band of slick misfits on the island of lost boys and Tail 514 was birthed.’

There you have it.  The end result is a calendar that challenges the typical notion of what a pinup girl is supposed to look like.  The majority of the women in this calendar are tattooed, some of them are tattoo artists, some are designers, some actresses, some comedians – its a very mixed bag but all in all, the calendar delivers with some not-to-be-messed-with ladies.

‘Traditional Pinup photography is always cheesecake. The subject is always available, obtainable and prime wifey material. There is something about these buffed over, squeaky clean images of women that make our skin crawl.’

Got someone on your Christmas list who would love this?  I’m sure you do.  Check out the models and some of their photos here as well as order the calendar itself.

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