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Meet Steve Soto!

January 16th, 2011 by

Steve Soto ends his online bio with the promise that he is an artist to keep an eye on.  It’s an easy enough thing to say and I’m sure that most (if not all) tattooists make a similar pledge.  However, the difference between Steve Soto and so many other tattooists that will claim to be worth keeping an eye on, is that Steve Soto has obvious talent and once you see his work, it’s not hard to keep your eyes on it at all because it’s just plain beautiful.

Melding together portrait work, realism and the odd bit of Latino flare, Soto’s work obviously comes from some natural ability, but to simply attribute everything that he’s done over the years to natural ability is to sell him short.  As a child he spent a steady stream of time drawing, even practicing his future portrait skills by drawing his favourite baseball players from his baseball card collection.

These days Soto owns and operates Goodfellas Tattoo Art & Design Studio in Orange, California.  He’s won heaps of awards and recognition for his work, which only goes to prove how dead on he is when he says that he’s an artist worth keeping an eye on.  Head over to Steve’s site and you’ll not only find a professional, well maintained place filled with information about Steve and his work, but you’ll also be able to access his online tattoo portfolio, which is massive and very, very impressive.

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