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Not Anymore, You’re Not.

January 17th, 2011 by

The permanency of tattoos forces us to make wise decisions whenever we get work done, and while not all of us take that fact into consideration before getting tattooed, whether we like it or not, we really only get once chance to get a tattoo right.  What happens however, when we are absolutely certain about a particular tattoo and through some unconventional shift in thinking, we’re left with the wrong tattoo?

Sound far fetched and ridiculous?  Yes, I guess it might.  But if you happen to be into astrology and if you spent any time reading the news last week, you would have most likely heard about Parke Kunkle, the Minnesota astronomy professor who declared that our current understanding of the zodiac is wrong.  According to Kunkle, the stars are no longer aligned to the Earth in the same manner as they were when the zodiac symbols were initially created.  Because of this, people who once knew themselves be a Tauras, for example, are now Aries and people who were Sagittarius are now something called Ophiucus.  What this also means is that anyone who at one time thought they were getting a sure thing with their tattoo of their own personal zodiac symbol might now be sporting something completely incorrect.

‘That’s why Robby Miller, former Capricorn, had a baseball-sized goat tattooed to his forearm. He isn’t sure what to think about his new Saggitarius designation, but clients in his tattoo shop Friday, he said, seemed “pretty upset” about news reports surrounding the changes.

“People aren’t going to walk around with something that has nothing to do with them,” said Miller, tattoo artist at Built To Last Tattooing and Body Piercing in Springettsbury Township.’

Whether this relabelling of the zodiac means that people will be more reluctant to have their symbol tattooed on them remains to be seen, but for those people out there who already have their symbol tattooed on them, I don’t know it’s going to make much of a difference.  In fact, I think that tattooist Ken Kile said it best, when he said the following:

‘At least once a month, a client will ask for a zodiac symbol, said Ken Kile, another artist at Built To Last. “If I had one and then it changed, I’d just keep it,” he added. “I think tattoos represent a time in someone’s life. Maybe it’s wrong now, but when I got it had some meaning to me.”‘

Too true, but no one wants the wrong tattoo.

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