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February 10th, 2011 by

I like to try and keep up to date on at least some of the new tattoo studios that have been opened in the last little while or that will be opening soon.  For those of you in Illinois – particularly in the Waukegan area – you might want to consider taking a trip down to the newly opened (and superbly named) Dinosaur Studio Tattoo.

Tattooist Mark Hoffmann has worked at various studios across the US, from Seattle to Memphis to Chicago.  The continuous demand for his work has finally lead him to listen to all of those who at one time or another told him to take the plunge and open his very own studio.  On January 29th, 2011, Hoffmann opened the doors to Dinosaur Studio Tattoo.

So far things have been going great for Hoffmann and his studio, with the official opening and ArtWauk scheduled for March 11th.  And although opening your own business can be a little daunting, Hoffmann seems to have gained an abundance of courage from an interesting source…

‘One hint of where Hoffmann found his drive to succeed can be spotted near his paintings: a plaque containing the Boy Scout ranks he achieved on the path to Eagle Scout.

“It taught me to take the bull by the horns,” he said of Scouting. “I’m not sure I’d be here today if it weren’t for being an Eagle Scout. I wanted to get paid for my art, and that’s essentially what I’m doing.”

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with Mark, you can do so by calling 847.599.TATO or heading over directly to Dinosaur Studio Tattoo and booking one in person.  At the moment there is no website for DST, but you can join the DST Facebook page here.

‘…My goal with my business is to show people a different side of art. Dinosaur Studio will host art gallery shows. We look forward to working within the art community of Waukegan to promote the local artist, whether it be painting, sculptures, photography, or any other medium of the artist choice. Again, Dinosaur Studio will be a destination for art, therefore bringing in new visitors to downtown Waukegan and Genesse Street.’

Best of luck to you, Mark!

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