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Meet Henrik Gallon!

March 27th, 2011 by

I don’t know what it is about tattooists from Sweden – maybe it’s got something to do with the long, dark winters or the seemingly endless daylight of summer.  Maybe during these seasons they spend their time locked away indoors, honing their skills until they’ve got things just right.  What I do know for certain however, is that lately I’ve been finding that Swedish tattooists – from Stockholm in particular – have been absolutely killing it.

My latest discovery is the work of Henrik Gallon, a tattooist who works out of the Stockholm area at Fafnir Tattoo, which by the looks of it, also seems to go by the name of Porky Royale Tattoo.  I wish I could be a lot more clear on this information, unfortunately as far as info on Gallon’s place of work as well as Gallon himself goes, it pretty much all seems to be in Swedish.  In case you haven’t already guessed, I don’t speak Swedish.


No matter though, just cruise over here and take a look at what Gallon’s capable of.  Beautiful stuff all around.  Though I do have to admit that I much prefer his black and grey work to his colour stuff, that’s not a slight against his colour work.  The man has skills and I can’t wait until he updates his blog with the promised English translations so that I can find more out about him.  Until then, I can be plenty satisfied with just looking at his art work.

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