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Showing Her Funny Side

March 23rd, 2011 by

More than being a trend or an impulsive urge to “be wild” or even a part of someone’s regular day to day existence, tattoos are supposed to make people happy.  Naturally.  Even the most gruesome, fearsome, monstrous looking tattoo was intended to fill its bearer with joy.  And so it only seems like a logical extension of this that something as simple as a tattoo could be used for the purpose of making others laugh while contributing to a great cause.

Let me explain: every March across the United Kingdom, a charity called Comic Relief is held.  I don’t want to go into every last detail of this excellent charitable event, but if you want to know more about it, you can check it out here.  At any rate, one of the best parts of Comic Relief is that people will do something potentially ridiculous and humorous and others will then be encouraged to make a cash donation and sponsor that person for their efforts.  The money accumulated from this is then added to the total Comic Relief fund.

This year a 21-year-old from Newcastle put her own spin on a method by which to raise money for charity.  Olivia Ketchell underwent 4 hours of tattooing on March 18th in order to have the portrait of her favourite comedian Stephen Fry forever inked on to her right calf.  The tattoo was done at the Cock a Snook tattoo studio (yes you read that name right) by tattooist Paul Johnson.  Though some might find the tattoo a little strange, Ketchell has no regrets.

Permanently devoted: Olivia Ketchell has had a tattoo of Stephen Fry inked on her her leg for Comic Relief

”The tattooist had done lots of portraits before and they are his favourite thing to do,’ she said.

‘He has never done a Stephen Fry one though and I think I’m the only person in the world who has a Stephen Fry tattoo.

‘I’ve been looking online and I haven’t found anyone else yet.

‘Everybody thinks I’m crazy but I couldn’t be happier.

‘It’s like I have had a baby. I always wanted him and I suffered for four-and-a-half hours and he’s finally here.

‘It’s totally worth it and I would do it again.

‘My mum said she wouldn’t donate because she doesn’t approve of tattoos, but she did in the end.’

Having so far raised more than £250 in charitable donations, Ketchell is still keeping the fundraising going.  If you’re interested in helping out with a donation, Ketchell’s fundraising page is open for donations until the end of the month.

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