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Thanks, Dad!

March 30th, 2011 by

A couple days ago, I wrote about the current battle in Hermosa Beach, California between the citizens who are against giving tattoo artists their legal right to open tattoo studios and the tattoo artists who rightfully wish to be able to open up their own businesses in the area.  As the issue continues to be debated, it’s nice to see that not every resident in and around the area is against the tattooists or that not everyone in support of the tattooists are tattooists themselves.  As a matter of fact, this letter was sent in to the Daily Breeze in defence of tattooists.  It wasn’t written by anyone in the industry, but by a proud parent of their tattooist son.

‘Like any business, tattoo shops deserve respect

I can’t believe my ears or my eyes. Hermosa Beach says “yes” to more bars that lead to public displays of drunkenness, fighting and mischief. A tattoo shop today is not a hangout but a business establishment looking to build business and clientele. Most tattoo salons now being built are well-designed and well-run companies. Live and let live. Everyone has a legal right to earn a living. If they are not successful, well then, there goes the business.

I am personally not a tattoo person, but my son is. I have come to understand his wanting body art. So be it; not everyone has to be a critic. People should learn when to understand and not jump to disagree so quickly. Try looking at the positive first, maybe the negative won’t appear that bad. Make sure it’s the finest tattoo parlor in the South Bay, and then you can have some pride.’

– Fred Fasen, Hawthorne

So take note, all you anti-tattoo, narrow minded Hermosa Beach people: above is a mature, well thought out and objective view of what a tattoo studio entails.  Perhaps if any of you anti-tattoo people took the time to meet some of the people whom you’re so frightened of coming into your precious neighbourhood, you’d learn more than a thing or two about what it means to be an artist and that the world of tattoo isn’t the frightening, violent, drug and alcohol fuelled danger that you think it is.

Open your eyes!

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