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Forehead for Sale

April 21st, 2011 by

This may sound a tad naive, but I am continually surprised by the amount of people in this world who are willing to permanently alter their appearance with a tattoo for cash or some other sort of material incentive.  That’s not to say that I disagree with someone getting a tattoo across their forehead in exchange for a fistful of cash or a lifetime’s supply of laundry detergent, though.  I mean, if that kind of stuff is that valuable to you, then by all means, tattoo away.

Free lunches for man who got facial tattoo

The latest in the tattoo-your-face-for-a-prize scheme comes from the Czech Republic where an unnamed man has had the name of a restaurant listing website tattooed across his forehead.  In addition to a year’s free lunches at any of the restaurants listed on the Czech website, the man also received 200,000 Kč (just over $12,000 USD) for his trouble.  And, according to the unnamed and now tattooed man, he’s more than happy with the arrangement.

‘”I feel fine and checked myself in the mirror, and I like it,” he said. “I don’t regret it at all, and I will certainly enjoy the money.”

He admitted he had been getting some strange looks when he went out in public, but seemed unperturbed, if not pleased, by the extra attention.

“People have slowly started to turn around and see what I have on my forehead,” he said. “It is strange and extravagant, and I like that.”‘

Glad to see that he’s happy with that tattoo because as we all know, money isn’t permanent.  A tattoo however…

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