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Meet Michelle Tarantelli!

April 10th, 2011 by

Okay, here’s the deal: in the vast megacity of New York, New York, there are five boroughs.  One of these boroughs is Brooklyn.  Inside Brooklyn there is a district called Williamsburg and it is within Williamsburg that one will find the Saved Tattoo studio, which is where one will also find tattooist extraordinaire, Michelle Tarantelli.  Got it?  Good, because that’s about all the information I have about her.  But that’s okay, right?  I mean, if you want to contact her for a tattoo, all you need is to know that Saved Tattoo can be found at 426 Union Avenue in the aforementioned district of Williamsburg.  Or, if you want to call up and ask about an appointment, you can do so by calling 718.486.0850.  And of course, there’s good ol’ email:

However, before you go to any of those lengths, you might not want to just take my word for it that Michelle Tarantelli is a super cool ultra fantabulistic tattooist.  You might want to just peruse her online portfolio and check out the photos below for further proof.  And if that still doesn’t convince you (really?? Are you sure??) then check out even more of Tarantelli’s work here.

Oh wait!  I almost forgot – apparently she likes listening to the soothing sounds of Easy E and Black Sheep while she tattoos. And if I had anything to say to Michelle, it’s that you rock and to put more photos of your work online!


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