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Hit or Miss?

May 11th, 2011 by

Ah, soccer fans – is there a more dedicated/crazy group of sports fans out there than them?  I honestly don’t think so.  Time and time again we’ve seen one hardcore soccer fan or another get himself tattooed with something to do with their favourite team and in some cases, we’ve even seen crazy fans get team related tattoos that attempt to predict the end results of championship games that haven’t even occurred yet.

For some odd reason these tattoo maniac/fans often seem to be supporters of the Manchester City Football Club.  A decent amount of time has passed since the last time we saw a fan (incorrectly) attempt to predict the future with a tattoo, so naturally the time has come for a Manchester fan to once again go all out and get a tattoo that celebrates an as of yet unachieved championship. This time however, the tattoo in question isn’t just a small shoulder piece or something average in size.  This time, the tattoo is an entire back piece, proclaiming Manchester City to be the 2011 FA Cup Champions.

Confident: The Manchester City fan has had a tattoo celebrating his club's FA cup victory... which hasn't happened yet

29-year-old Craig Reed claims that he was “on such a high” after Manchester City beat Manchester United in the semi-finals to advance to the FA Cup finals in London this weekend, that the idea of Manchester City winning the finals seemed like “a foregone conclusion”.  So why not get a full back tattoo, right?

‘This is Craig’s 28th tattoo – 20 of which are Manchester City related.

‘I’m a bit scared now, course I am. I’ve had stick off my mates, blues and reds, and now I’m thinking “S*** what happens if we win?” But you live by the sword and you die by the sword, so I’m happy to take it on the chin.

‘If we lose I’ll be jumping under the blanket for a bit. My friend says I’m daft. Even if we lose I’ll keep it. I won’t tattoo over it. I’m proud to be a blue definitely, I’m absolutely 110 per cent proud to be a city fan.

‘I think other City fans will understand and it won’t matter. I’m a bit daft because my mates have all said what if we lose, what if this, but I’m not bothered. I’ve had it done and I can’t change the fact that I’ve had it done.’

Let’s hope for Craig’s sake that he got it right.  As always in cases like these, I’m not quite sure why he didn’t just wait until after the game had been played to get a tattoo, but hey, some people just like to take massive unnecessary risks.

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