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Hospital or Tattoo Studio?

May 18th, 2011 by

Strange, strange things have a way of following tattoo around.  I don’t know why exactly this is, but just when you think you’ve heard or seen something all too strange regarding tattoo, something else just pops up.  This time the strange incident took place in Yunnan province, China – and believe me, it’s the sort of strange randomness that exists in tales of crop circles or UFO sightings.

Sheng Xianhui had gone into a local hospital for gall bladder removal surgery.  Everything went okay, the operation was a success and as is the case with successful operations, the patient eventually returns home and gradually begins to get back into the routine of daily life.  Except that in this case, about a week after the operation, Xianhui was continually bothered by a pain on the upper area of his right buttock.  Thinking that it was merely a side effect of the operation that he had undergone, he ignored the pain until one day when he was getting into the shower, his wife noticed that her husband now had a tattoo on his right buttock.  Closer inspection revealed that the 15 centimetre by 8 centimetre tattoo was of a Chinese character, which roughly translates in English to “stone disease”.

Understandably confused and angry that he had apparently been tattooed while unconscious, Xianhui went to the hospital looking for answers.  At present time the hospital says that they are investigating the incident, though they suggest that perhaps Xianhui’s tattoo is the result of an allergic reaction to the sheets in his hospital bed.  Huh?  I’ve heard of a lot of different allergies and allergic reactions before, but I’ve yet to know of any allergic reaction that actually causes a tattoo to be inked into flesh.  Bizzaro.

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