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Meet Troy Denning!

May 22nd, 2011 by

There are many factors for judging the merit of a tattooist.  These sorts of determining factors can sometimes differ from person to person, though there are a few staples that either make or break an artist.  Unsurprisingly, the actual ability to tattoo and to create work that speaks for itself is tops, but an arguably equal important specific is the actual commitment to tattooing – the way an artist devotes his or herself to their art form, as well as the respect they have for their art form is vital to their growth and general appeal as a professional tattooist.

In that case, New York City based tattoo artist Troy Denning is certainly staking out his own individual path as a first rate artist.  In his online bio, Denning states:

‘“…it is rewarding to know that I have done – hopefully – to the best of my ability something that will forever be with someone and mean something to them. It is with each day that I not only learn to love my profession a bit more, but I increasingly develop a greater appreciation for the craft. I want to give this and relay this to my client.”’

In this way, Denning can’t help but grow as a tattoo artist and despite his 17 plus years of tattoo experience, he understands the need to continue to learn and is humbled by that need to learn.  No artist is perfect, regardless of the medium in which they work.  Some might foolishly believe themselves to be, but it’s simply not possible.

Denning’s work is shaped by his travels and his willingness to learn.  Based primarily in the Japanese style, Denning tattoos at the private studio run by himself and his wife, called Invisible NYC.  The work ethic behind Invisible NYC runs parallel with Denning’s own tattoo work, that is, it hosts a great respect for technical work as well as the commitment involved in being a professional tattooist.

Check out Troy Denning’s work here.

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