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DC Flag Tattoo Day

June 14th, 2011 by

Today in the United States it’s flag day and it seems fitting that many would show their devotion to a flag of their choosing by having it tattooed on them.  Perhaps that’s a rather unique way to celebrate a particular flag compared to the traditional method of simply waving a piece of fabric around, but if you ask me, if celebrating a flag is your thing, then a tattoo is just as good a method for doing this as any other.

Some residents of Washington D.C. have even decided to band together to celebrate the flag that they’ve had tattooed on them.  Proclaiming this Tuesday, June 14th as D.C.’s first ever DC Flag Tattoo Day, the gathering is used not just as a method to celebrate the D.C. stars and bars, but also as a method to highlight a political issue unique to residents of the district.

‘Over the years, the “Three Stars and Two Bars” has come to symbolize over 600,000 Americans who can not enact their own laws nor elect voting representatives to the House and Senate.

This Flag Day 2011 we encourage a large gathering of people with DC Flag tattoo’s and those that support them as a way to get under the skin of America and bring attention to DC’s lack of rights in Congress.’ 

This tattoo has long had political connotations, having been used by many in the D.C. hardcore punk scene of the early 1980’s.  Today the tattoo might still be with the punks, but there’s others on aboard as well, apparently.  If you live in the D.C. area, have the flag tattoo or are simply interested in joining the fight for voting rights, then you can join up with others of the same mindset at DC Flag Tattoo Day, today at Dupont Circle from 6pm to 8pm.  For more information, head here.

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