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Meet Jeff Mansolf!

June 26th, 2011 by

Wherever you find a great tattooist, you can bet that he or she spent a decent amount of time in a great shop, learning the ropes and refining their skills.  Such is the case with tattooist Jeff Mansolf.  Take a look at Jeff’s impressive online portfolio and you’ll know that you’re dealing with a world class tattooist.

Until recently, Mansolf tattooed at Branford, Connecticut’s Transcend Tattoo and Art Gallery, where he certainly spent some serious time pleasing a whole lot of clients.  As of May 2011 however, Mansolf was set to open a new studio run by himself and fellow Transcend tattooist Lou Jacque.  The shop, called Clockwork Tattoo and Art Gallery, was due to open in June of 2011 in Southbridge, Massachusettes.  At present time I can’t find much (read: zero) information on the status of that venture.

At any rate, whenever Mansolf’s new studio does open, there’s little doubt in my mind that it will be a fine place to be tattooed.  Aside from partnering up with another damn fine tattooist, Lou Jacque, Transcend’s alumni also consists of tattooist extraodinaire, Nick Baxter, who spent four years of his career there getting the job done.

Coming from such a great history of fanatastic tattooists, there’s no doubt that Mansolf’s debut in his own studio will be something to keep an eye on.  Mansolf keeps a pretty low profile on the internet, but fortunately, there’s always plenty of places online to check out if you’re in search of some high calibre tattoos.  What else can I say?  Jeff Mansolf delivers.  Best of luck with the new studio, Jeff!


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