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July 6th, 2011 by

In the past few months we’ve seen a steady push toward tattooing codes on to people’s bodies.  Back in May of this year, a blogger got some attention after he had a Nintendo AR code tattooed on to his forearm, which was a platform for a little 3D man when the tattoo was matched up with a Nintendo 3DS game system.  It was interesting, but it still looked pretty glitchy and plain even when the 3D was at its peak.

I expect that as long as animation and 3D graphics continue to become more prevalent in pop culture that these things will also seep into tattoo.  Further evidence of this has now come out of Paris, France where a tattooist by the name of K.A.R.L. has tattooed what he is claiming to be the very first animated tattoo ever.

After getting set up on June 16th from the Mystery Club Tattoo studio in Paris, tattooist K.A.R.L. streamed the four hour tattoo session live on Facebook.  By inking QR code on to his client’s chest (apparently a very difficult process on account of every square of code needing to be done just right), he was able to display a pretty cool achievement: a tattoo that was fully animated and sang a song when an iPhone was place over the QR code.

Obviously this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and yes, it is gimmicky, but none the less, it made me smile.  I definitely think the novelty of something like this would wear off for the dude that got it done, but hey, for now I guess it’s kind of interesting to look at…

Check the video of the whole thing out here.

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