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Meet Chris Jones!

July 17th, 2011 by

You’ve got to love a guy who makes his website address  Okay, so maybe Chris Jones’ actual website address isn’t ChrisfuckinJones, but if you type it into the address bar, it most certainly will take you to Chris’s website.

So who is Chris Jones, anyway?  Well, Chris is a tattooist whom you really should know about if you don’t already.  Tattooing from Physical Graffiti in Cardif, South Wales, Chris isn’t messing around.  If you weren’t clear on that much after typing out his web address, then let his tattoo work prove it to you.  There’s a definite enjoyment of science fiction and particularly Star Wars in his work.  His portrait work is impressive enough on its own, but Jones likes to take things all over the map, dabbling in Japanese, black and grey, but always returning to superheros and iconic film characters in much of his work.

Aside from the tattoo work, Chris also paints and sketches and sells his art.  I myself have only spent a wee bit of time in Wales, which means that I’m due for a new visit.  One thing is for certain, the next time that I go to Wales, I will stop in to Physical Graffiti and see what’s up.  Maybe Chris Fuckin Jones is finally the tattooist who’ll truly appreciate the task of giving me that Back to the Future tattoo that I’ve always wanted?


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