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July 5th, 2011 by

If there’s one thing that really makes my blood boil when it comes to tattoos, it’s people using the art form as a method to cash in and make big bucks.  Tattoo’s current status as a mainstream trend is a pretty ugly one.  I mean, the word trend has always grated on my nerves as it implies something impermanent, something that people pick up and toy with for a while simply because a lot of people agree that it’s cool.  The word trend implies that when the next bigger, better trend comes along, everyone moves on without much consideration for what they had previously felt was the coolest thing ever.

Tattoo is not a trend.  Tattoo is an art form and a craft that dates back thousands of years.  It is not impermanent and it should not be treated as such.  It deserves respect and all the crass, slimy, money grubbing motherfuckers out there who just see an opportunity to rake in easy cash need to disappear.  The sooner the better.

I know, I know, I’m really steamed up about all this.  What set me off today was this.  An Atlanta, Georgia based media advertising company called Tasq Media is paying people to have their pets tattooed with advertising logos of various companies.  In exchange for this, the pet owners agree that they will walk their pets at least three times a day in order to show off the tattooed advertising logo.  CEO Antonio Smith says that his company is growing fast…

‘His company offers a service similar to pay day cash loans that gives cash once you use your car as collateral, however this time your collateral is your pet. Marketing companies pay his company to advertise their logos on your pet. He explains that the procedure is harmless to the animal as they are put under anesthesia and then the fur is shaved, then a tattoo is stitched on the body. Once the animal wakes up it’s as if it never happened.

The pet owner is given a small loan usually $50-$200 to have their pet permanently tattooed. They are able to pay back the loan by having it drafted out of their checking account on their next payday. They are also required to walk the dog at least three times a day so that the advertisements are exposed as a moving billboard for marketing companies.’

Scum.  Not only do I object to this on the level of tattoo being used as a cheap, gutless marketing ploy, but I object to this on the level of animals being used as billboards for some sleazy, tactless, greasy weasel like Antonio Smith. 

Where’s PETA when you actually need them?



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