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Meet Al Pervy!

August 21st, 2011 by

When it comes to types of tattoo styles, I have to admit that biomechanical is probably my least favourite.  Just doesn’t really appeal to me.  I guess that’s probably why I haven’t really focused on a lot of artists who are adept at the biomechanical style, which now that I think of it, isn’t really fair of me.  So, I decided to look at some biomechanical tattooists and see if anything could catch my eye.  What I discovered was Al Pervy, a self-described “…French tattooist working in London at Extreme Needle and Haunted Tattoos.”

Mr. Pervy’s biomechanical work is solid enough to attract any enthusiast of that style.  In addition to his biomechanical work, he also does excellent realism work, which if I’m being honest, is what initially attracted me to his portfolio.  Regardless of my preference, Pervy has a true love for biomechanical and he tattoos like someone who has a true love for what they do.  He hasn’t been tattooing all that long – only since 2007, but his work shows great ability and passion.

Pervy was apprenticed in Southern France, at Franck Tattoo by Franck Rougerie.  After his year and a half long apprenticeship, Pervy hit the road and moved to Aix en Provence, where he set up shop for almost two years.  After those two years, he decided that it was time to skip across the pond to London, which he now calls home.  Check out his work, he’s definitely a tattooist worth keeping an eye on!


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