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Taking It to the Next Level

August 24th, 2011 by

Strange practices.  Strange practices indeed.  A recent inspection of applicants for flight attendant positions in South Korea is  causing quite a stir and receiving more than a few complaints.  Garduda, the Indonesia based airline was recruiting in South Korea, when they decided that job applicants must not have tattoos or breast implants.  We’ve all heard of or even experienced various bits of tattoo related descrimination when it comes to employment.  But Garuda isn’t screwing around – they’re taking things to a whole new and frankly, demented level.

It apparently isn’t sufficient for Garuda flight attendants to cover up their tattoos if they have any.  Never mind the fact that tattoos are illegal in South Korea and considerably difficult to get.  Garuda officials in South Korea informed applicants that they were to strip down to their underwear so that a male doctor could examine their bodies for any dreaded tattoos or breast implants.’

‘Applicants for cabin crew for Garuda Indonesia charged that they were asked to strip to their underwear and a male Indonesian doctor touched part of their breasts for implants. The airline’s office in Seoul said it is company policy for cabin crew to have no tattoos and breast implants.  Garuda spokesperson Pudjobroto denied local media reports that applicants stripped naked and their breasts were fondled. He said breast implants are health risks during a sharp drop of air pressure and the physical examination adhered to international standard and practice in the airline industry.’

Uh huh.  Yeah.  Sure.  Because we all know that no one with breast implants ever boards an airplane, right?  Call me niave, but I didn’t think that job descrimination against people with tattoos could actually get much worse. 

I guess I was wrong.

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