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August 2nd, 2011 by

Weird stuff happens.  That’s just life, I guess.  Writing this blog, by this point I’ve just come to accept the day to day weirdness and not really question it that much.  It’s not so much that weird stuff in general happens, but rather that there’s an unbelievable amount of weird stuff that often happens in the zany world of tattoo.

Prove it, you say?  Okay, then.  How about this: 36-year-old tattooist David Howard King of Panacea, Florida was arrested this week after he shot, killed and ate his neighbour’s 12-year old potbellied pig, who was lovingly named Spam.  The pig’s remains were found in the freezer at King’s Apocalyptic Tattoo Studio this Monday after police arrived with a warrant to search the premises as part of a prescription drug investivation.  When questioned about the pig parts, King admitted to killing the animal when it wandered on to his property.

‘King, 36, said the 12-year-old pot-bellied pig named Spam had wandered into his property last week. Deputies said they recovered six plastic bags of pork parts from a freezer at the tattoo studio. They say they also found the gun used to shoot Spam. The pig was valued at $350.

King is charged with grand theft of livestock and cruelty to animals. He also faces charges of possession of prescription pills with intent to sell, distribution of Schedule III prescription pills and trafficking in more than four grams.’

Very odd.  I don’t know, is this normal in Florida?  Do people regularly keep pot-bellied pigs as pets and open fire on animals that wander into their yards?  Or hey, maybe King is just a poor tattooist trying to make ends meet and dude wasn’t really tattooing enough to put food on his table.  Or, maybe King just plain likes him some BBQ’d hog.  Whatever the reasoning for this, it’s weird.


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