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Un-American Activities

September 28th, 2011 by

It’s amazing to me that at a time when economies all over the world are struggling to stay afloat, that anyone anywhere would want to prevent someone from creating a method by which they could make a living.  Is it just me or is that absolutely insane?

Yet it continues to happen.  Again and again I read about places where people are attempting to start a tattoo business of their own, only to be held back by local governing bodies who should get their heads out of their asses and realise that now is not the time to ban businesses from opening.

Mayor Robert Myer of New Roads, Louisiana recently decided to draw up an ordinance that bans tattoo studios from opening.  The funny thing about this sudden idiotic decision is that it occurred right after New Roads resident Damon Manola applied for a license to tattoo in the town.  Manola’s parents have run a barber shop in New Roads for the last 40 years and Damon’s plan was to begin tattooing inside his parent’s place of business.

‘Mayor Robert Myer of New Roads drew up an ordinance banning tattoo parlors and places that pierce anything more than their customer’s ears. The ordinance surfaced right after Damon Manola applied for a license to tattoo in New Roads. The mayor’s move has many people questioning his motives.

New Image has been a barber shop on Main Street in New Roads for 40 years. The owners’ son has a slightly different talent than his parents. He is a tattoo artist.

“His idea was, ‘I can pursue my hobby and I can do it with my family at the same time,'” said Jill Craft, Manola’s attorney.

Manola hired Craft after he said the city of New Roads refused to grant him an occupation license to work inside his parent’s shop.’

I really don’t understand what motivates people to try and stop tattooists from performing their craft.  I guess it’s a sense of fear of the unknown, though it is completely pointless. It certainly doesn’t seem very American to me.  No one can make a law that will stop tattooists from working.  It might stop them momentarily as is the case in New Roads, but eventually logic will prevail and half-wits like Robert Myer will lose and lose big.

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