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March 4th, 2013 by


And just like that, I’m back.  I don’t know how many of you out there remember me, but I left waaay back in 2011 to see what was going on around the world.  Turns out, there’s a hell of a lot going on.  I met lots of cool people, found out a lot more about tattoo in Korea (more on that in days to come) and saw heaps of amazing tattoos on people from all over the world.  I spent the last month in the Netherlands and now I’m living in Tokyo which has a rather hidden but unbelievable wealth of tattoo talent.  Of course I will be bringing you guys lots of info about that as well as the days pass.

So then, I guess you might be wondering what’s going on with the Tattoo Blog now, then, huh?  Well, I’m here to promise all of you who have stuck with it as well as all of you who are new to it that I am going to do my best to bring you reliable international coverage of all things tattoo, hopefully the odd interview – my Japanese is crap, so I’ll have to rely on the kindness and patience of friends to act as translators – and I’ll also be tweeting, so if you’re on twitter and don’t already follow us, then you need to!!  Follow us now!! @tattooblog

Okay, so there’s lots planned.  I’ve established that.  But this being the first new post and all, I wanted to start off with something simple and to the point.  No big heavy analysis of tattoo or anything like that right now.  So why don’t you just check out this video of the newly opened Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Store.  We’ll see you again real soon!

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Store from Joao MB Costa on Vimeo.

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